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Growing The Easy Pot


Congratulations! Growing your own cannabis is a deeply rewarding hobby that will last you a lifetime. 

Whether you’re a first-time grower or a lifelong grower, here are some simple guidelines for an amazing Easy Pot experience:


  • Save the date: Make sure to save the dated stake that comes with your Easy Pot. This way you’ll always know how many days old your plant is. As harvest time approaches (we’ll email instructions and remind those who have signed up above), you’ll want to start looking at trichomes for ripeness.

  • Provide lots of light: Give your Easy Pot full sun for best results. Easy Pots are “hardened off” in the nursery so they can go straight outside without skipping a beat. 

  • Know when to water: Check your Easy Pot’s weight and moisture level every day for the first week you have it, so you can get a feel of its weight when fully watered, dry, or in between. This way, when the pot feels light to you, you know it’s probably time to water. Watering every 2-3 days ideal for most Easy Pots during the spring but varies on environment. During hot summer weather, water your Easy Pot every day or as needed. Automatic watering systems like drip irrigation work well and can save you time.

  • Inspect the trichomes: It’s a good idea to have a magnification tool available, ideally an inexpensive jeweller’s loupe, when growing the Easy Pot. This allows you to see the resin glands (trichomes) up close and know when the plant is ready to harvest. Trichomes change color from clear to cloudy to amber as the plants cannabinoids synthesize and ripen.

  • Enjoy the flower show and have fun! The Easy Pot is designed to be convenient so anyone can experience the joy of growing cannabis. Get creative with the beautiful, flowering cannabis plant in your home! Host a dinner party with your Easy Pot as the centerpiece. Educate your friends and family who are unfamiliar with cannabis. We can’t wait to see the amazing ideas that Easy Pot growers come up with. 

  • Share your experience with others: Let everyone know what you think of your Easy Pot! Post your pictures to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also email photos directly to info@darkheartnursery.com.


For questions related to your Easy Pot, please contact info@darkheartnursery.com.  

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