Dark Heart Nursery announces the three new cannabis genetics they will be releasing from the Humboldt Seed Company 10k Phenotype Mega Hunt!

Over the last decade, Humboldt Seed Company has embarked on a vast and unprecedented phenotype (pheno) hunt, scouring through tens of thousands of cannabis plants and cannabis genetics at large licensed cultivation sites in search of distinct new cannabis cultivars. Dark Heart Nursery later joined the Humboldt Seed Company team to aid in the selection of the top 1% of the genetics based on growth patterns, vigor, yield, terpene profile, THC potency, resilience to common pests & molds, and other aesthetic characteristics. For a Spring 2019 release Dark Heart has selected three strains:

Vanilla Frosting

The Bling

Magic Melon


To watch the Phenotype Mega Hunt video documenting a weekend long event where individuals from all facets of the cannabis industry came together to hunt for the unicorns of the cannabis genome use the following link: Pheno Hunt Video

For more information about the Phenotype Mega Hunt Event, check out our blog

About the Humboldt Seed Company & Dark Heart Nursery Pheno Hunt 

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