Guests learn about the life cycle of a cannabis plant.

Event Explores Cannabis Science and Cultivation


Dark Heart Nursery recently partnered with the San Francisco Exploratorium to host the weekly “After Dark” series, an event for curious adults to explore and learn. It was a special evening full of discovery about all things cannabis!

First up was Dr. Jeremy Warren, Director of Plant Health, who discussed his latest research on the pathogen he recently identified: the hop-latent viroid (HpLVd). An estimated 30% of all cannabis plants in California are infected with HpLVd, causing approximately $44 million in losses per year in the state. Symptoms of infected plants are known as “dudding” and include stunted growth, abnormal branching, and reduced yield. Dr. Warren’s research has enabled Dark Heart Nursery to develop a genetic test to detect the presence of HpLVd, as well as a patent-pending method to eradicate the viroid.

After Dr. Warren’s speech, guests stopped by the Clean Plant Program booth, hosted by Dark Heart Nursery’s tissue culture lab team. Guests learned what meristem tissue culture is and why “genetically scrubbing” plants to be clean is an important part of the growing cannabis industry.

One of the biggest hits of the evening was the “Life of a Clone” table, where guests lined up all night long to see cannabis up close! Many had never seen a live cannabis plant before so the experience of touching a cannabis plant was surreal to them. There were many priceless reactions after rubbing a stem, then smelling their hand! (See this in the video!)  

Finally, Dark Heart Nursery’s propagation team held several cloning “how-to” demonstrations for the crowd. They provided a detailed step-by-step overview of how to prune a mother plant and turn clippings into rooted clones that are ready to plant.


Check out the video below to see the highlight reel!



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