Dark Heart Labs Discovers that HpLVd is Transmissible through Seed

Dark Heart’s plant pathology and research team recently announced the finding that the Hop Latent Viroid (HpLVd) seems to be transmissible through seed from infected stock. Leaf tissue from sprouted seedlings were tested and confirmed the presence of the Hop Latent Viroid. 

“This important discovery furthers our understanding of how HpLVd is spread. Up until now, we had an idea that the viroid could be transmitted through seed but it had not yet been confirmed.” says Dr. Jeremy Warren, Director of Plant Health at Dark Heart.

While initial results suggest that transmission rate through seed appears low, further research is underway to determine what the actual rate is. Growers should remain vigilant and assume that unless their seeds are coming from a plant that is confirmed to be clean, their seeds may be infected with the viroid. 

To learn more about this pathogen, watch Dark Heart’s HpLVd webinar. Cultivators interested in diagnostic and curative services can contact info@darkheartnursery.com to learn more.

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