Curing tips to produce the best results for your cannabis.

We spoke with Ben “Hoot” Lind from Humboldt Seed Company to find out how the professional growers in cure cannabis and he shared some great tips. Not only did Hoot explain how to cure cannabis, he also shared with us the reasons behind curing.


The process of curing cannabis is crucial to the flower’s final development as it helps to facilitate the metabolic process where CBG is converted into THC. Curing also allows the plant to off-gas the nitrogen that still remains in the buds from its flowering cycle. If no curing occurs after the cannabis has been dried, the flavor, aroma, and effect of the cannabis can be weak or non-existent.


Hoot does his curing a bit differently but achieves amazing results. He suggests bucking down the plants to smaller stems after drying is complete and keeping the fan leaves intact. The fan leaves allow for more airflow in the storage container being used, which is helpful in preventing mold.


  1. Food grade plastic tote with an airtight seal
  2. 58% or 62% Bovida Humidifier packs – the percentage is going to depend on whether or not the surrounding environment where the cannabis is being cured is dry or humid
  3. A meter to track the humidity within the tote


The ideal dryness of the cannabis for the curing process is around 10-15% humidity and make sure you are storing the totes in temperatures below 75 degrees to keep the sweetest terpenes. To be extra cautious of mold in the first few days, make sure you are “burping” the buds and lightly rotating them in the bin once a day for a few minutes a day.

For the remainder of the week remove the lid of the tote every 3 days for 20 minutes at a time. Every week following you’ll want to open the lid once a week, for about 30 minutes at a time. Now even though cannabis does not truly peak until after about 3 months of curing, 3 weeks sufficient. Keep in mind that if you are storing your totes in below freezing temperatures, the moisture content needs to remain below 15% to prevent the cell walls of the cannabis from bursting, causing the cannabis to darken.

Then it’s time to trim up your cannabis and enjoy!






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