Dark Heart Nursery would like to be the root of your business's success.

Cultivation Partnership

This year has been unlike any other for the California cannabis industry and with 11 years experience operating in this space, we understand what it takes to be successful through turbulent times. Although our core function is to produce cannabis clones for cultivators across California, we offer much more than that. Dark Heart Nursery wants to be the root of your business’s growth by offering a Cultivation Partnership that entails all of the following benefits, services, and opportunities.


Discounted Clone Pricing 
  1. Special pricing on current and new strains
  2. Advanced order booking
  3. Seasonal programs
  4. Bulk order
  5. Contracts to ensure allocation
Advanced Notice on Inventory Availability & New Strain Releases

Cultivation Partners will receive inventory availability prior to its release to new customers or order inquiries. This will include an advanced notice on new strain launches and the opportunity to give input on new strain intake for the nursery’s genetic library seasonally.


Your business will be given a first-round ordering opportunity on all varieties available when ordering in advance for the year. This will include a guarantee on strain increments for your advanced order as we will be specifically curating your order in a section of our nursery.

Exclusive Strain Production

Cultivation Partners will have the opportunity to go into contract for exclusivity on new strains for a given time-frame or region. Dark Heart is also willing to consider exclusive strain propagation and exclusive release for genetics owned by the Cultivation Partner.


Dark Heart offers delivery of clones direct to your business address. Businesses who possess a CA State Distribution Permit have the option of delivery or direct pickup from our nursery facility in Oakland. Cultivation Partners are eligible for discounted delivery rates.

  1. Wholesale Purchase
  2. Order Fulfillment
  3. Transport
Tissue Culture: Genetic Storage and Genetic Rejuvenation

Dark Heart Nursery has been conducting tissue culture research & development for four years at our lab in Oakland. Cultivation Partners are eligible for genetic storage and tissue culture rejuvenation services. Putting genetics through the tissue culture process cleans them of bacterial and fungal pathogens. Tours of the tissue culture lab and more information on these processes are available.

Research & Development Services

The tissue culture lab has also been conducting years of research to create the Dark Heart Nursery Clean Plant Program. Dark Heart has a patent pending on a process to eradicate the diseases and viruses negatively impacting the cannabis industry, as well as the use of sterilization processes to ensure that “clean” plants are entering the cannabis market. In the near future, we will offer testing and plant cleaning services. More information about this research and sterilization services will be released soon.


The Dark Heart Nursery Guarantee

At Dark Heart Nursery we are committed to customer satisfaction and to an overall excellent customer experience. We guarantee that our clones arrive at your business pest and disease free and that all of the clones you receive from us meet the quality standards we advertise. This includes stem diameter, height, root development, and overall health of our products. If Dark Heart is responsible for the products not meeting this standard, the customer is eligible for a replacement order.


What Makes Us Unique

Dark Heart Nursery has been operating transparently and compliantly in the cannabis industry since 2007 and has worked tirelessly to build and maintain a propagation process that provides your business with clones that will thrive in any garden environment. We were among the first cannabis companies in the United States to have a fully operational tissue culture and research lab, and have continued to advance our research around diseases and viruses that are currently affecting the cannabis industry. As a result of this research, we have an extremely robust Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, as well as an experienced IPM manager on staff. We encourage you and your team to tour our nursery and our lab so that you can see for yourselves how we operate.


Additional Values Of Partnership

At Dark Heart Nursery we pride ourselves in being beneficial to our partners in every way possible. We have an in-house marketing team, customer service team, and sales team dedicated to the success of our Cultivation Partners in any way possible.


Co-Marketing and Co-Branding

Our in-house marketing team is committed to the success of our Cultivation Partners by offering co-branded social media and email marketing promotions, creating co-branded marketing collateral, developing co-branding advertisement opportunities, curating events that benefit farming businesses and producing photo shoots for farms and harvests.

Grower Features

We are dedicating a portion of our website to featuring our Cultivation Partners and their achievements. Each Cultivation Partner will have a landing page on our website that includes photos, information about their business, business contact information, a list of our strains grown (including photos for each), and a section to showcase achievements such as awards won. We receive a significant amount of daily website traffic and have a robust Search Engine Optimization strategy that helps to drive traffic to our Cultivation Partner’s websites as well.


Email Savannah at info@darkheartnursery.com to set up a date and time to discuss a partnership or to tour our facility.


We Look Forward To Growing Together!


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