For a Dark Heart Nursery clone to get from our nursery to your farms and gardens, it’s a journey that winds through many steps of quality control.

At our nursery, a team of 20+ experts and propagators work batches of clones through a thorough process. They track strains with systems ranging from simple to sophisticated, all in a focused effort to meet your demand. Our strains will take an average of six months from the first cutting from our mothers to get out to our customers. That’s quite a trip!

Pest-Free Mothers

We start with mothers that we get from trusted farmers we’ve spent years working with. Pest management begins at day one. Once pests have been let into a garden, it’s hard to get them out. So we quarantine these mother plants to make sure there are no pests or other issues. Then they are brought into their own space in one of our many expansive gardens. Integrated pest management experts take care that our mothers stay pest-free.

Building Our Stock

At this point, we build up the inventory that is necessary to put a DHN clone strain out on the market. We take cuttings from the mothers and grow them until they are strong enough to provide their own cuttings. Because each strain grows differently, each strain will take a different length of time to get to this point.

As they grow through the vegetative stage, our team is constantly checking for pests and other problems. Keeping a pest and disease-free environment at every stage of the process is our biggest priority.

Meanwhile, a computer-operated irrigation system makes sure these thirsty plants get just the right amount of water at the right time. We draw on our supervisors’ years of experience, but they also pay attention to the different needs of every batch and strain.

Because we have so many strains available, we have a tracking system to keep it all straight from mother to cutting. Each pot is marked with tape and each strain is raised in separate batches. When it comes time to snip the clones, each cutting is entered into our inventory tracking system.

Making the Cut

After we’ve brought up each strain, we’ll bring some to flower to test to make sure they are up to Dark Heart standards. We’ll check for strain quality, yield, growth patterns, and other characteristics. We pass this information on to you to give you the best idea of what to expect in your garden.

Then it’s off to get cut! Our small army of propagators (who have the greatest job in the world) break out their razor-sharp shears and get to work identifying the strongest shoots to fill their small plastic baskets. Only the most robust cuttings will make the cut, so to speak, because we put our reputation on the line with every clone.

Sizing Up Our New Clones

A whole other team is waiting for these cuttings in the work room. The team makes a final cut, a different length for each clone type (premium 6″, lablettes 4.5″ and heartlets 3.5″). Countless hours of trial and error go into figuring out just how long to cut each clone before planting. But the end result is well worth it – the success of each clone is the highest priority.

Clones Cubed

After our propagators make just the right slice, they are dipped into a non-toxic, antifungal solution that will keep them healthy over the next few days. They are planted in rockwool cubes and sorted on trays that are marked with the name of each strain.


From there, our clones will take the last step in their life in our care before they are shipped out. They spend very little time in our shipping room before they are sent directly to farmers or taken by our driver to dispensary partners as far and wide as Santa Cruz and Clearlake.

At every stage of their journey, our clones will get the best attention to make sure they thrive in your garden, farm, and grow room. We can’t wait to show you what our nursery experts have to share with you on the horizon!

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