Vigorous starts now available to order in autoflower and photoperiod configuration

Spring is here and Dark Heart has an expanded feminized seedling menu for licensed cultivators. Seedlings are a great fit for high-volume growers looking for healthy vigorous plants at a reasonable cost. Each seedling is professionally germinated in Dark Heart’s facility. Feminized seedlings are available in photoperiod and autoflower configurations, and ready to plant upon delivery. They come in a 102-cell tray and have a 2-3 week lead time, so order now.

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Cultivators are increasingly planting feminized seedlings because of performance, ease of use, and results. Dark Heart offers two configurations:

  • Feminized Seedlings: Seeds that have undergone feminization process and germinate into photoperiod plants. They are typically over 99% female.
  • Feminized Autoflower Seedlings: Plant starts are bred with autoflowering genetics and have undergone the feminization process. These will mature and flower based on age, not photoperiod (shorter days).

Many outdoor cultivators get an extra harvest by planting feminized autoflower seedlings in early spring to harvest in May or June, then plant a full-term photoperiod crop.

Feminized seedlings are increasingly cultivated thanks to advances in breeding, allowing breeders to produce consistent, high quality results. Seedling plants typically grow faster, larger, and yield more than most propagated plants, due to seedling vigor.

What is seedling vigor?

Seedling vigor is an industry term for the aggressive growth that characterizes seedling plants. There are two primary reasons why seedlings are so vigorous:

  • Growth hormones: All seeds contain growth hormones such as giberellins and steroids that aid in germination and rapid growth.
  • Tap root: All seedling plants have a tap root, which is a large, central root that bores straight down in search of nutrients. Plants with tap roots are able to establish a larger root system more quickly which in turn increases foliar growth. More foliar growth provides more surface area for photosynthetic activity, which further fuels root development. Plants with taproots typically have a deeper, cooler root system and are more drought-resistant and able to handle hot weather better than non tap-root plants.

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