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Dark Heart Clones-Premium, Lablets, Heartlets...What's the difference?

What is the difference between the Dark Heart Nursery clone types?

Dark Heart clones come in three clone types.  The newest edition is Lablets released in Jan. of 2016 to a limited amount of Dark Heart Nursery partners.   With this new clone type we have received some questions about the difference between Lablets, Heartlets and our Premium Clones.  We hope this gives you the answers you need.

Premium Clones 

Available since 2007 “Flowered your cuts for many years. Love the variety.” South420Farms209

Description: Premium Award-winning genetics, Pest and Disease Free, 6 inches in height, Grown in a 2 inch rock wool cube,  Average 1 week veg time before flowering.

Origin: Propagated using traditional methods from our thriving garden of mother plants

Available @: 7 Stars, Berkeley Patients Group, Elemental Wellness, Harborside and Organicann

Look for this label wherever Premium Clones are sold



Available since 2013
Description:  Top Shelf, Award-Winning Genetics, Pest and Disease Free,  4.5 inches in height, Grown in a 1.5 inch rock wool cube,  Average 2 week vegetation time before flowering.
Origin:  Propagated using traditional methods from our thriving garden of mother plants
Available @:  River City Phoenix   Limited quantities to all other retail partners

Look for this label wherever Heartlet Clones are sold





Available since Jan. 2016

Description Top Shelf, Award-Winning Genetics, Pest and Disease Free, 3 inches in height, Grown in a 1.5 inch rock wool cube, Average 1.5 weeks vegetative growth before flowering – and getting closer to Premium timing

Origin: Lablets are cuttings taken from our garden of “producers”; which are moms that have been propagated from tissue culture.  The tissue culture process rejuvenates the tissue of the original mother plant and enables these starts to grow with the vigor of a young plant.

Available @: Harborside, River City Phoenix, Berkeley Patients Group – More locations coming soon!

Strains Available:  Limited quantity of  Fire OG, Sour Diesel, Purple Cadillac, Alien OG, Skywalker, Gorilla Glue – More strains coming soon!

Look for this label wherever Lablet Clones are sold

lablet label

Fire OG Lablet
Lablet Fire OG
 Feedback on Lablet clones:
“Branching is strong and healthy”  
Stem thickness is as strong and thick as premium”  
“Flowers filled in and had the same smell and trichome production and overall health as premium clones.” 
“Although the Tissue Culture plants were smaller and require more veg they did keep up and fill in very close to premiums just 6 inches shorter but with the vigor of seed in bloom making them worth the extra veg in time”
As we grow we are looking for distribution opportunities.  If you are a collective or dispensary owner and you are interested in receiving Dark Heart clones for distribution do not hesitate to contact us.  While there currently is a wait list, please submit your information so we can contact you when distribution increases.  If you have any pictures, feedback or questions to share regarding Dark Heart Nursery clone types, please contact us at info@dark-heart.net 

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